The guys came to me through their scheme at Jaguar cars and on meeting I gave them my commitments for the session and beyond. I ran them through my skills check and discovered some footwork, body and looking faults were bogging down some great natural habits.
Once I had corrected their set ups we moved onto the 3 drops and applied their new physical and mental skill sets to the technique and the effect was immediate.

We then moved onto the skills trail and I worked with them on linking the 14 sections that are contained within it together using their identified braking areas. I began with pumping and using the trails natural energy Rather than the riders and we used this speed to ride the following bermed, flat, switchback corner and rock gardens. Later I added a fly out jump and corner with a step on the exit and the guys were really beginning to flow along the singletrack.

I worked hard on linking drops into corners and the best line choice in doing so before they all went to the top and began riding the entire trail with a new confidence and commitment. Each run that they completed prompted them to comment on how fluid it now felt and un hurried.
Martin had time restraints and had to leave just as I began to work on using the skill set to jump tabletops and gaps. I used the 6ft tabletop and gap side for this and in a few short runs they were both sailing over it perfectly.

Both Stu and Mark then used the 4 mental skills questions that I teach to decide to ride the 6ft gap jump side also and the smiles exploded across their faces.
Amazing progress guys, from acorns grow oak trees!