4 riders were booked onto today’s course but 3 were traveling together and they broke down so the session commenced with just Nick.

Nick has only ridden tow paths and roads before and wanted to get into off road riding so headed to me via recommendation online.

The skills check revealed a natural push to unweight the front of the bike that was bogged down by missing skills. Also, Nick missed feet,looking and body positioning in corners which I’d expect in a beginner.

I began correcting things and to his surprise we moved onto drops. Nick had never thought he’d be doing this but applied his new skills and began landing perfectly. After a while we moved onto the trail and worked on basic pumping and also worked very hard on corners.

Nick clearly found berms scary but as his looking and body positioning got better he became more confident. I broke the trail down to it’s individual sections and worked gradually down the trail. After the 1st two corners came a rock garden and Nick shook his head at riding them but after a couple of minutes and a demonstration, he rode them easily. We then worked on pushing into upslopes and soon he was getting both wheels into the air comfortably. I added in the next section of a step to negotiate and once again it was way easier than it looked as he applied his mental skills to everything also.

Finally we worked on steep roll downs into corners and after a couple of goes Nick went to the top and rode all 14 sections smoothly and drama free.

A few runs were done before mental fatigue and the heat of the day took it’s toll and Nick called an end to the session.

Great session dood!