Simon s skills session was a gift from his wife. After 20years of riding he felt he had plateaued and wanted to overcome this.
During the skills sheck it was clear that he could ride the bike and already had some very tidy skills deeply ingrained but he lacked the mental skill set.
We worked on his looking first and once I got him to look up and into the next everything happened easier.
We worked on un weighting, bi lateral pumping and the bunny hop techniques. It was here that Simon learned the true value of his natural push to raise the front wheel.
We went straight to the coaching trail and worked on his cornering and braking. Slowly we worked our way down the trail linking each section together methodically. Confidence was blossoming nicely as we entered tha last segmnet of the trail containing the drop and it was here that we really worked on his mental game where apply the mental skill set really showed it’s true worth. After a few runs of the whole trail Simon was smiling as he had overcame a large part of his fear of wet wood and in the rain, using his looking and other skills the roots just became something else and flew by with no drama.
Finally we worked on jumping on a small tabletop where I isolate the skill set and slowly add them into the technique and before you knew it Simon was airborne.
We ended the session soaking but smiling.
Great session.