Nick came to me for a session and I found he needed work on body positioning and looking and I changed his set up to assist this.
When riding to the drops there was a popping noise and the seal of his fork leg had blown up the stantion. We fixed it back in place and continued with the drop technique and when both mental and physical skills were applied the technique was easy for him and he laughed at the simplicity compared to his old wieght right back technique.
 Onto the top of the skills trail and we worked on the top half and linked pumping, rock gardens and flat, bermed and switchback corners into the mix. The riding was going really well and he was getting more fluid and faster but the  Rock shox Reba fork began collapsing under load as the compression dissapeared in the fork and kept throwing him off line in turns. We ended the session as the fork made it unsafe to continue and I’ll be seeing Nick again for the rest of the session.