Today we had a group of 10 friends that wanted mountain bike coaching. Once they had all arrived we ran them through the skills checks, and identified any skills that were missing here, and correct them, before moving into drops.

We spent the next hour or so here, introducing a mental skills set, and linked this in with the physical skills set we had previously showed them. It was now down to everyone individually to match their own effort in the technique we showed them, to their approach speed.

We moved up the hill to work on cornering. We first used the hill side to further demonstrate the technique, and then put it to the test in three linked berms, where looking and speed management now played a role.

After a quick break for lunch, we moved over to the quarry to work on steeper sections of trail. Here they could feel how having the correct body position within these sections allows you to have complete control over the bike whilst in these sections. We showed them rolling into to steeper sections both with and without an apex. Some also used there mental questions, and dropped in sideways.

Jumping came next, and we took care of their speed for them Individually, increasing it as we needed, and soon enough, found everyone’s clearance point. A handful of riders again used their mental questions and ride the 6ft gap jump as well!

Everyone was beginning to tire, so we moved back into the pump and jump trail, where they were now able to choose whether to pump or jump through a section, to maintain speed and flow through the trail as a whole, as well as linking in the larger tabletop at the end, which they could now unweighting there bikes a get into the air.

Our session ended with us showing them the wooden ladder gap jump which followed the second corner. By this point, half of the guys already felt tired and decided that this was a good place to stop, and the others were able to answer yes to their mental questions, and fly over this 7ft gap.

Great session guys!

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbikenath)