Having Coached Nick twice before he wanted his son Jake to have a session. I began with set up and my simple skills check and Jake really took on board everything very quickly indeed.
once I had installed the correct skills we began as always with the drop technique and Jake applied his new skill set to confidently ride off the drops. The weather really began to turn for the worse so I moved us onto the skills trail to keep Jake interested and warm while his dad tried out the new singletrack. I worked on pumping and cornering with Jake and he used his footwork and looking as he could feel the massive difference it made when he did it. I added a rock garden and 2 more corners and Jake and Nick began riding together. The rain turned biblical and we stopped for a break and to warm up with a hot drink and we decided to do the session in 2 halves so Jake could have time to digest the session easier and also enjoy it in more pleasant weather.
Great start Jake and I’ll see you soon.