Dhana got loves his bike riding and got  Laura into it only this year and they wanted to share a skills session.
 I ran them both through my skills check and found body positioning and looking skills needed work and I made some set up changes too.
 We began, much to their surprise with the drop technique and I worked on the physical and mental skills there and soon they were both getting air under their wheels!
 I moved onto a cornering exercise to enhance grip and body position before even getting to the main stay of our session, the skills trail. I began work on the rock garden first as I knew they are a common rider fear but  always a fear in females in particular and then I used half the trail straight away. Pumping was used to gain free speed and this was used to ride a flat corner, berm, rock gardens and 2 more corners. I could see they were in need of a break after 2 hours so  we had a hot drink and resumed with the beginnings of jumping and riding corners and a linked step. The ease of jumping took them both by surprise and soon it was time to work on the end of the trail and linking drop offs and corners. I worked on braking and line choice here and soon they were riding the whole trail end to end far smoother and  controlled than ever and faster too! Any errors were self recognised and they both knew why it was right or wrong. I could see that mentally they were pretty much done but Dhana wanted to ride the largest of the 3 drops I use for coaching and he did so with confidence and commitment. Our session ended there and then to smiles all round. An awesome session of progression.