Brahm, Ooof and Meerkat turned up for their session as arranged. Their good friend, chivas came along to watch and also joined in later on. As ever with South Africans, they are very willing to learn and try new things. But first, I had to correct their skill sets.
I knew from when I had coached Brahm previously, he struggled with the mental aspect of gap jumps but I would sort that out for him later. We began with the drop technique and their new skills shone through as they all rode the largest drop quickly, I was even able to begin to help them style it too.
From there we moved on to pumping and cornering. For this I used two berms and soon they were gaining speed through both turns. There is a 7 foot gap jump after the berms but they were not ready or that yet, not until I taught them to jump.
We took a break for coffee and resumed with jumping. Very quickly they were all clearing the 6 foot table top and then I worked on their mental skills. They then all rode the 6 foot gap jump and the ease of it stunned them most. I could see a recent lack of sleep was taking its toll on Meerkat, but we weren’t done yet… So we moved on to the trail that links into the two berms from earlier and we worked on pumping and jumping through multiple sections of the trail including a step up. Chivas now joined in they then rode the 7 foot gap jump which came after the berms. Meerkat was now tired and called an end to his part in the session, but it didn’t end there for Brahm, Ooof and Shivas! I then showed them a 9 foot gap jump, Ooof was quickly followed by Brahm and chivas, they rode it with ease a good few times before they all knew they were too tired to continue,so we ended our session with a cold beer. An amazing session with my South African friends.
High 5!