Matt contacted me from the singletrackworld.com forum asking for help with jumps and drops.
On meeting in the car park I could see why he had rotation issues when doing said jumps and drops . I put him through the skills check and found that he had missing looking skills whilst cornering too. First we began with pumping and the bunny hop before moving onto the drop technique. Matt already had the confidence to ride bigger drops but landing was an issue so I began working through the skills set with him and developing his mental skill set too! We developed his set up move in the air so it corrected his body position in flight and also worked on style!
jumping followed and I brought him to a small table top first to isolate each skill and take away any anomalies in the technique .
soon it was time to move to another trail where we worked on cornering. Matt was surprised to find that he had cornering issues but gradually we worked them out and he began flying through the corners. We started to move down the trail , linking all sections together and using the identified braking areas.
finally, we moved onto a more technical trail with steeper, more loose corners and larger drop and gap jump sections. Very quickly Matt really began to nail the whole trail smoothly and the flow was there to see, including styling the gap jump.
keep working on the points I gave you Matt and I look forward to hearing of your riding in the future