I began with the skills checks where looking was the only main skill i had to work on with Ant, as well as making the necassary set up changes. We worked on cornering straight away, first using just the hillside, and then the first half of the trail. He was riding these sections quickly and with comfort. I showed him another two corners as well to work further on linking sections. We moved to the singletrack trail, where he linked steeper roll ins to corners, and small jumps. Drops came next, which after i explained and demonstrated, rode with ease, so i started to work on adding style when in the air, before linking drops into corners on the end of the trail. Our session finished with Ant riding the whole trail top to bottom, showing me his use of the correct skills through corners, rocks, jumps and steps.

Nice one today Ant. Looking forward to the rest of our session.

Nath (@ukbike_nath)

Tony (@ukbikeskills)