Fluff made his way down from Manchester after trying out various different coaching companies and wanting a skills session with myself.
I began with set up and the skills check where I found a natural unweight and good footwork and body position in corners. I could see I had to work on his looking massively and he knew it too.
We began with drops and he had a habit of sitting back and looking down so I corrected that quickly and Fluff could feel the difference straight away.

After a while we moved onto the skills trail and its 14 sections and I began on working on linking them all together. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked with rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. These were linked together using the speed gained from pumping the undulations on the trail.

We moved along the trail methodically, linking each new section to the last. I worked hard on line choice and looking when linking drops into corners before it was time to ride the whole trail end to end. Each run was smoother and less of a conscious reaction as the skill set, both mental and physical became more of an unconscious action.
Our final technique was jumping tabletops and I use a 6ft tabletop for this. Fluff knew he had issues with the front end dropping on take off beforehand so I knew I had to work on his body position and looking here too and soon he was sailing over it easily.

Our session ended there and I gave Fluff a riding demonstration of the same skills set in action in my own riding. Awesome session and I can’t wait for our next meeting.