Susie and Neil had a session with me back in July and this time Susie’s husband Simon joined them. I began as ever with the skills check so I could see what was retained from the 1st session and also to see what areas needed work. All 3 had natural footwork so I was able to work more on their looking but also heavily on body positioning too.
We began on the drops and soon they were all airborne and landing perfectly. I worked on their mental skill set too and the good work from the previous session shone through.
We moved onto the skills trail and I worked hard on body position in corners and using a cone of movement. All three of them could feel the difference in control straight away and confidence and commitment blossomed.
We worked on linking the 14 sections on the trail together, beginning with pumping and using the energy from that to gain speed for the following bermed and then flat corner. I then worked on the rock garden and using line choice we linked it into another berm and a switchback before linking all six sections together a few times and they really began to flow. the hesitancy in Neil and Susie’s riding from before was gone and Simon was loving his new skill set.
We had a break for grub before moving to the next sections on the trail, a fly out jump and corner with a step on the exit. Using their skill set they were all able to get both wheels into the air despite at first feeling hesitant. They then linked all the sections previously covered to it and even though they were beginning to tire, they were smiling.

We moved to the last segment of the trail. and worked hard on linking corners into drops and back into corners. footwork and body positioning linked with line choice really worked for them and soon they were riding the entire trail end to end confidently and faster and smoother than they previously could have.
I really wanted to get them to the tabletop jump to finish the session but the concentration needed during the session really took it’s toll on all three of them and we ended the session to a riding demonstration of the skill set I teach in full use on the Herts woodwork.
Great progress today guys and keep in contact with your riding updates as always.