Ian, Cathy, Tom and Ali came to me after previously being coached by another company and during the skills check I could see good footwork habits but their looking and speed management needed work and also body positioning.
Once corrected, we moved onto the drop technique to employ the new push and looking in this technique and everyone was landing both wheels down perfectly. Here I covered the mental skill set too and they all began using them as well as the physical.
From there, we moved onto the trail where we worked on the 14 sections contained withing. We worked on jumping, pumping, steps, rocks, drops and flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. We broke the trail up into quarters and worked on the sections within it before moving onto the next quarter and adding the previous to it. In this way we could work on the new sections and reinforce the previous.
After a needed break for food and a warm drink, we carried on working on linking drops into corners and carrying speed through berms. We worked hard all day and tiredness began to show in 2 of them so we moved onto riding the trail end to end where we linked all the sections together.
After 5 hours we called an end to the session and I’m excited about the future updates on their riding and to seeing them again.
Awesome riding in slippy conditions!