Geoff does a lot of cycling photography and a lot of riding but his riding has been effected recently by a lack in confidence in riding.
On arrival we had a coffee and chatted about the outline for the session and as always we began with the skills check. This revealed a great natural habit that was bogged down by missing skills and also in cornering I needed to work on body position and looking.

We moved onto the drop sections to apply the skill set, both mental and physical to this technique and Geoff began landing perfectly. It was time to move to the skills trail and I began by breaking the whole trail down and working on it in bite size chunks.

I began with pumping and harnessing the energy available in the trail and used the gained speed to ride the following berm and flat corner. I added in a rock garden and two further corners, a berm and switchback. Geoff’s new body position really was telling as his summer tyres gripped easily in the slippy conditions of the day. I added in pumping up steep slopes and riding corners with a stepped exit. Geoff was really flowing along the trail now and I then worked on riding drops into corners and the associated line choice effect before it was time for us to ride the entire trail end to end. Each run was faster and more fluid than the last and Geoff was smiling like a Cheshire cat.
I then showed why the skill set applies to riding over fallen trees.

Geoff was surprised how easy it was and we moved on and applied the same thing in a different context in advanced pumping.
To end our session we rode my new singletrack and worked on riding steep roll downs and the mental skills application in those. This brought our session to a close and i can’t wait for Geoff’s riding updates.