Kasey booked a session for later in a the year as I am so busy but asked to be on my cancellation list and today I had such an event so called her and the session was on!
I have coached her other half Damion last year and she was apprehensive to say the least as she felt a weight of expectation for the session but I alleviated this on arrival.
The skills check revealed a tidy rider but with psychological faults rather than stand out physical ones and I set to work.
Kasey needed a body position tweak on drops as this was always her nemesis and soon she was landing perfectly, the largest drop was a barrier but later in the day she would ride the same sized drop but link it into a corner on the trail as her mental skills developed.
On the skills trail we worked on pumping and braking areas and used this to link 14 sections on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, fly out jumps, rock gardens and drops and line choice was covered also.

It didn’t take long before Kasey was riding the entire trail end to end and getting faster with each run as the good work from the session began to really pay off. We moved on to the tabletop and worked on jumping the 6ft tabletop and in time she was landing perfectly and easier than ever. The smile was still beaming across her face when I mentioned manualing on a trail and we moved on to apply the same mental and physical skill set to this. In a couple of goes she had it and the whoops of joy and smile on her face is still in my head as I write this. Great session Kasey and I look forward to seeing you again.