We began as always with the skills checks. This is to see what skills we were looking for within the riders were present and what we had to introduce, or put back to the ones that had been with us before. We moved to drops and introduced the mental skills set. Soon enough, everyone was landing perfectly off the larger drop. We then worked on cornering, and linking three turns together. Despite the wet conditions, everyone found plenty of grip when linking these turns with their new found techniques. We moved over to the tabletop and gap jump, where we worked on everyones speed individually, and before long everyone was clearing the 6ft tabletop, and some used their mental skills set to ride the gap jump as well. We then moved over to a larger gap jump. Each rider used their mental skills set and decided whether they could say yes two their mental questions in order to ride it. The ones who rode it rode it well and with comfort. We moved onto a steeper roll in where body position became a factor. Everyone rode this with ease, so we moved on and finished our session with linking drops into corners. Everyone had a few goes but tiredness and the cold set in and our session came to an end. Nice work guys!
Tony @ukbikeskills
Nath @ukbikenath