Pete, Andy, Ceriss, Tom, Alice and Sam arrived as planned, so once everyone was dressed and their bikes were built, we started with the skills checks. Here we described the foundation of cornering, and jumping and dropping. After a few set up changes, we moved on to put their new found skills to practise. We started with the drop technique, where we explained the mental side of riding, and had them choosing whether to ride what is in front of them or not. Before long, they where all riding the largest of the three drops comfortably, and some even started to add style when in the air. We then done a quick cornering exercise, before moving onto the trail. Here we walked them through and demonstrated each section, before allowing them to put their skills to the test. They where soon flying down the trail from top to bottom, linking both bermed, flat and switchbacked corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops. We then moved onto the table top, where we controlled everyones speed to match their jump technique. We sprinkled speed slowly and soon everyone was flying comfortably over the 6ft tabletop, and some rode the gap jump as well. We then moved onto the pump and jump trail, where they began pumping through sections in order to gain speed to jump other sections. Some began to manual through the sections also. We then linked the first half of the trail to the last, or gave them the option of linking the two berms at the end of it. Mental tiredness set in, and we finished the session with a walk around the northshore, just as the sun was going down. What an enjoyable session guys!
Tony (@ukbikeskills) & Nath (@ukbike_nath)