Once everyone had arrived and sorted their bikes out, we ran them through the skills checks to determine within two techniques what skills they where individually missing. Collectively, work on looking and body position was needed within both their corners and I weighting technique. We also made necessary changes to their set up, and explained the importance of this, before bringing them onto drops. Here we introduced a mental skills set and explained a number of situations where this played an important role. Soon enough, after having a number of goes, everyone was riding off the largest drop and landing perfectly. Everyone was buzzing and errors were beginning to be self diagnosed. We moved up the hill to correct the cornering faults we uncovered during the skills check. We had them riding in circles, practicing their corners both ways. Three linked berms came next and now it was about carrying your speed by transitioning between sections correctly and flowing through the trail as a whole. We moved on from here, to start working on the skills trail, because here the corners are tighter and you have to focus on having the correct body position. We split the trail into 4 sections, and worked on them individually, breaking for lunch in-between. We worked on corners, both bermed and flat, rock gardens, fly outs, which we taught them to both absorb it and to take off and jump it. Steps, and how to absorb these, and finally drops, which linked into another bermed corner. Soon enough they were riding top to bottom, each run quicker and more in control than the last. We moved into the quarry to ride some steeper terrain, and now each rider had to use their mental skills set to choose which of the four options we gave them to do. This showed them how having the correct set up, can play a part in having the correct body position, and the importance of this. Our session came to an end on the pump and jump trail, where they where pumping and using this to gain speed to take off a clear other sections. This was linked in to the three berms which they rode earlier, and linked it with the big table at the end. Nice one guys.

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbikenath)