After attending a private group session back in march, Simon from Nirvana Cycles asked would be able to go down to his local area of the Surrey Hills to coach some of his customers. on the day my 1st session was with Adrian, Alison, Ian and the 2 Johns.
As always, I put the riders through the skills check and was pleased to see the improvements in the 3 that had been on a session with me before and also it enabled me to see the missing skills in both Ian and John. Un weighting the front wheel was 1st before moving onto other techniques.
This session was focused on flow, linking sections together.
We re-affirmed the looking skill and began on a trail that all the riders knew and were comfy on so I could keep them safe whilst learning and also they could feel when they got it right.
I began with a small roll in into a corner, once all the riders got used to looking and footwork we moved onto the next sections of a drop and 2 corners, same result as all the riders were looking into the next and things started to flow.
We isolated a section of 3 linking small drops before riding back to the top and riding the whole trail using the new skills and tweaks that I had suggested.
From there we moved onto another trail that began with a technical roll into chute and immediate corner. Here we worked on speed management and also line choice as I showed them that the worn line is not always the best line and all five riders took this on board as was evident when we rode the whole of that trail before riding to the top and riding down through both coaching trails which enabled them all to use the new skills in a natural riding environment and on meeting at the bottom all of them commented on how fast and controlled they ALL felt.
Great session!