Anja had a skills session with myself last year and returned as a trip abroad was a bit too much for her riding experience and she was lacking confidence. The skills check showed me that I needed to work on  her body positioning in corners and also her looking when heading to straight on sections.

  Off to the drop sections we head to apply both the physical skills but so I could also work on her mental skills too. From there I moved onto cornering and I worked on Anja’s body position to gain more control and grip before moving onto the top half of the skills trail. Anja has a hating for rocks and the rock garden was something I isolated to we could work on the mental skills and soon she was riding them along with 4 more corners.

 I moved on to work on riding steeper terrain and linking sections along the way too. I used a selection of steep sections so Anja could use her mental skills to decide whether to ride them or not. After a break , we moved on to linking the drop technique and cornering technique and the required line choice. Anja was riding the largest drop and linking it to the corner smoother and faster than previously.

For what proved to be our final application of the skills sets, I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop to work on Anja’s body positioning and looking skills. Anja was clearing it smoothly but mental tiredness from both her year of riding that was catching up on her but also the mental aspect of the coaching was taking its toll and our sessionn ended.
Great riding Anja.