Well, what a session that turned out to be. Aaron and Darren turned up as arranged and I ran them through my skills check and found the missing physical skills and I corrected them before moving to different section at the skills area to work on applying the mental skills I teach also. We began with drops and quickly moved on to jumping. Now Aaron had jumped tabletops before but a big crash a year ago had an effect on his mental skills but Darren had never got into the air let alone cleared a tabletop but within an hour of meeting myself, they were both sailing over a 6ft tabletop withease and soon after they were clearing a 6ft gap jump too.
 I worked on their berm riding and soon they were linking three berms together and riding the fade away jump that followed too. We took a coffee and mince pie break and resumed with linking drops into corners which really hit home with them and they were both landing the 4ft drop and easily riding the corner that followed. We worked on riding steep terrain too and the required body positioning before moving on again to the pump and jump trail. Before the end of our session they were both pumping and jumping sections of the trail, linking two berms and riding 7ft and 9ft gap jumps all in the line. What a difference in 5 hours boys!
I cannot wait to hear of their future riding exploits.