Adam came to me for coaching last year and wanted to come back for a health check to see if any errors had crept in. Cornering had developed a footwork issue that was more prominent with speed and when i showed him why he was able to correct it. We worked on carrying speed through three linked berms to begin with and then added the jump that followed. The jump showed me a timing issue with the techniques involved and I set to work correcting it. When I coached Adam last year he wasn’t happy about the 6ft gap jump but this time I was able to work on his effort, speed and distance using the 6ft tabletop and also the gap jump. I began with the drops and was able to teach Adam why his skills set allows him to be stylish when applied and then he began styling it wherever he fancied it, the drops, gaps jumps and tabletops.
 We too a break and then worked on linking drops into corners and soon he was flying around the berm at the end . I moved to the pump and jump trail and worked on when and why to jump or pump sections and carrying speed to jump a 7ft gap jump and before the end of the session Adam was riding the 9ft gap jump over and over again and linking all the sections above it smoothly and fast!
Amazing progression today dude.