I have coached Ade before and he wanted to return with 2 friends. On meeting them I ran them through my checks to see what was present and missing in their skills and found that they really needed work on cornering and that they possessed an great push technique bogged down with one missing skill.
Once corrected, we moved onto the drops as always and to their surprise they were landing perfectly straight away. I worked on their looking and body position and it all came together. Dave was using flats for the 1st time and he soon learned to love them, oh and my bike too as he preferred it to his own!
We then moved onto the skills trail where we began with pumping bumps on the trail and then began working on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. We linked them using the correct braking areas into steps, rock gardens, jumps and drops.
We worked our way down the trail linking the new sections to the previous and soon the guys were riding really fast and smooth.
They rode the trail end to end faster and faster.
We moved onto the tabletop to further develop their new found jumping and they flew over both the tabletop and the 6ft gap side too. Dave was so surprised at the ease of it all and Damian was back to his childhood mongoose jumping days.
Ade had more in mind as to end the session he rode the 9ft gap jump 3 times with whoops of joy as he did!

Fantastic session guys!