Ade had been to me for a session previously and the skills check showed me he was weaker on left hand turns and that I’d have to work on his mental skills too. We began with carrying speed through a berm and soon linked a 2nd berm into the mix and things straight away got faster and more controlled. I then added the whole trail above the berms to work on absorbing sections on the trail to stick to the ground and become faster.
 We moved onto trail with closer sections and steeper sections to work on his body positioning and soon he was linking that trail together smoothly and bringing all the techniques together. It really surprised him how easy both techniques for riding near vertical drop offs were.
 We then worked on line choice and braking when linking drops and corners and before long, Ade was riding that trail end to end and when he used his skill set he became fast, when he tried to be fast he slowed down or felt on the edge.
Body positioning for jumping was next and we linked the whole pump and jump trail into a final 14ft tabletop and now Ade was able to choose to pump, manual or jump sections. After a while I could see he was beginning to tire mentally as unrecognised errors were creeping in and soon after our session came to a close.
Really good development today and I look forward to your riding updates dude!