Adrian booked a 2 to 1 session and the day requires a separate blog for each as the day was filled with progress both mentally and physically.
As usual I began with the skills check and identified the missing physical skills in his riding before moving through unwieghting, puming and the bunny hop technique which Adrian really got to grips with after a few pictures fed his visual learning nature.
I then moved onto the drop and jump technique and on a small 1ft drop section and 4 ft table top I really worked on the skills required that form the technique and Adrian really started to fly.
From there we moved onto a trail and after breaking it down into 3 segments we worked on each segment and the sections involved and linked them methodically together before finally riding the entire trail a couple of times to really feel the trails energy and Adrian was using the trails energy superbly.
From there we moved onto a steeper, tighter trail that had a larger drop section and a gap double of 6-7ft. By now Adrian was just reacting to each section accordingly and flowed through the entire trail effortlessly and the mental skill set was shining through. Now adrenalin was really pumping so I moved onto another isolated drop section to enable Adrian to use his speed management and gradually go larger in air time, eventually landing 10-11ft down from the drop.
Our session ended as mental fatigue just started to show.
Awesome session!!