We started with the skills checks and he showed me what skills within the techniques he had present. We moved quickly onto a cornering exercise, and i then showed him drops. He showed me here he was a fairly confident rider, so there was no need to hang around. We spent the next hour or so on the skills trail, where we worked on linking all the isections together with speed and control, and he was soon flying top to bottom, quicker than he would have before. The tabletop was next, and here i took it up a level, and worked on clearing it, and landing in the same place at different speeds, by adjusting the effort needed. I showed him the chute drop, which he rode happily, and then we went straight to the pump and jump. Here i had him pumping, jumping, manualing and nose manualing through sections of his choice, and he finished the session by linking this with two corners, a ladder gap jump, and ladder drop, and a larger dirt step down.
Nice one Gareth. Remeber that hand!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)