Aimee was bought her skills day by her husband Alex and we met as arranged and straight away I ran her through the skills check. I discovered that Aimee didn’t look far enough down the trail and had no footwork, so this gave me a starting point.
We worked though un weighting the front of the bike before moving onto pumping where immediately it was clear she was a natural. s we left the pumping trail we as always saw how far we could get without pedaling and Aimee got 3rd furthest of ALL my clients, amazing!
We then moved onto controlled descending and onto the drop technique where after some building of her mental skills , Aimee began to comfortably get air.
I then moved onto the coaching trail and we worked on cornering and linking sections together. slowly but surely, Aimee began riding through sections and braking in the correct zones.
Our session ended as Aimee declared she is knackered so we bimbled back to the car park.
great riding Aimee and let me know how the riding goes!