The guys came to me after reading my feedback on the web. On meeting I ran them through the skills check and found their missing skills and also what was already present in their riding.
Once corrected, we moved straight to the 3 drops and worked on that technique and in no time at all they were riding all 3 of the drops easily.

We then moved onto the trail and began working on the 14 sections contained and began linking them via their entry and exits.
Flat, bermed,switchback and off camber corners, rock gardens, steps, fly outs, pumping and drops were linked gradually as we worked our way down the trail. We worked heavily on linking corners and drops.

We then rode the trail end to end a few times and the flow of the trail really began to be felt and the riding improvements could be felt and seen.
Finally, we moved to the table top and the gap jump and I set about showing how/why the skills applied in this technique and the lads really got to grips with it and used their mental skill set to great effect to ride the tabletop and the gap jump too.

After all 3 had cleared the gap jump both Dave and Ainsley then rode and cleared the gap jump too and after a few runs we called an end to the session.
Great session.