Miles came to us via recommendation from his work mate Edd who works at the same airport . Josie, MArk, Chris and Simon joined him after coaxing and today was their day. We began with set up and skills check and I began reconstructioning their riding and replacing missing skills before applying the same skills to techniques we at ukbikeskills teach . We began with isolating the phases of a bunnyhop over some logs and they were all surprised how simple it was. They all said they wanted to get more comfortable jumping so off we went to apply the skills to drops first. They quickly moved to the largest and I was even able to work with Mark and Chris on moving the bike in the air. From there we moved to the 6ft tabletop. Slowly but surely they all cleared the jump but Josie wasn’t happy with it but I was able to correct her body positioning more later so she could effortlessly clear it. Simon, Mark, Chris and Miles all used their mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump side to and a few clears later saw us break for lunch.

We resumed with cornering and pumping and that saw them riding through three berms and hitting a larger faced jump too. We worked on absorbing and pumping to gain/maintain speed on a trail also. We moved onto linking drops into corners by using two very different techniques,  and soon they were flying off the drop and into the turn.  We moved back to the bermed trail and I demonstrated the 7ft gap that came after the 2nd berm and they applied their mental skills to decide whether to ride it and also the 9ft gap jump that followed just around the corner. Now they were buzzing and riding all the sections that their mental skills allowed. Josie moved back to the 6ft tabletop and I worked with her on her take off to make her more stable in the air and not feel like she was hanging on whilst the guys rode the trail above us. & hours after we began the session came to a close and  the first sign of spring sunshine dipped beneath the trees. Cracking session guys







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