During the skills checks, I discovered that I had to work on looking, position and footwork within their corners, and I saw that both Dave and Keith threw their weight back when unweighting their bikes. I corrected this here, before moving onto drops to apply these corrections. Before long they were both flying off the largest drop, landing perfectly. They could feel how much less effort was required when they stayed centred on their bikes.

We moved on to work on cornering. We used the hillside first to perfect the technique, and then applied to to three corners, to work further on looking and speed management within big wide open turns. We then looked at the top half of the skills trail, where the corners where tighter and they had to exaggerate their technique. Looking also became obstructed here, so I showed them the correct place to look.

After a quick lunch break. We moved on to work on jumping. We used both the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. I first managed their speed to find individually the speed they each needed, and then they were able to answer their mental questions, and ride the gap jump. Next came the 7ft wooden gap which follows the second corner, out of the three we rode earlier. They now had to carry speed, and accelerate to reach the speed required. We finished on jumping for the day with the larger 9ft gap jump In the trees.

Tiredness was setting in, but I wanted to show them the steeper sections in the quarry, to show them once again how common teaching for riding steeps is incorrect. They rolled in both straight and sideways, focusing on having correct body position, and these now felt easy because of this.

Nice work guys!

Nath (@ukbikenath)