On meeting Phil and Al, I ran them through my skills check and once I had corrected the skills errors and installed the push we moved on to our first technique, drops! Using their new skills set both physically and mentally, both Al and Phil were landing perfectly off of a curb sized drop and soon were riding all 3 drops easily.
Next, we moved onto the trail and began working on the 14 sections contained in the trail . Methodically, We worked our way along the trail working on footwork and looking in corners and body position on straight on sections.
We worked on pumping, jumps, steps, rock gardens, drops and flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Section by section we linked each section to the next , using the correct barking zones.

After a few complete runs of the trail, where the lads really were flowing faster and more smoothly than before we moved onto the tabletop .
In 5 steps the lads were flying over the tabletop with whoops of joy. Al and Phil really loved the airtime and both rode the gap jump too!
Our session ended there and I demonstrated the skill set being used at herts shore.
Awesome session.