I had coached Alan previously on a public singletrack session and he wanted to return with Dan for a private mountain bike skills session focusing on cornering, jumps and drops.

The skills check revealed the areas I needed to correct in their skills sets before working on the all important mental skills.

We began with drops and they were soon riding the 3ft drop easily and with control before we moved across to the 6ft tabletop to begin piecing together the techniques required.

Dan was getting to grips with it quicker than Al, who needed more time to process it all but they were soon airborne and loving it but only Dan clearing it.

I moved them away to work on cornering and they were amazed at the levels of grip available in turns once they were corrected. Soon they were riding a trail pumping and linking three berms together smoothly. They then began choosing to get some air on a few of the sections and I could see that Alan was ready to move back to the 6ft tabletop. He was stunned when after a couple of attempts he began clearing it also. Dan was confident and choose to ride the 6ft gap jump side too with them both grinning from ear to ear. Still buzzing but tiring , we moved again to the pump and jump trail and they were different riders from the ones I met in the morning. Both sailing off the final jump with confidence and control, knowing why it was working and loving it.


Great end to another cracking weeks coaching for myself and Nathan.




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