Alex and Claire came to me for a session wanting to improve their riding and enjoy it as a couple.
After the skills check, where I discovered the missing skills but also uncovered a great push in them both. We moved onto the drop technique as always.
In no time at all both were riding the drops and landing them perfectly and recognizing why.
We then moved onto the trail and began working on pumping and the other techniques required to ride smoothly and efficiently along singletrack.
We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns and linked them with steps, fly outs, drops and rocks. Each section was linked to the next using the correct braking zones too.
Slowly, we worked our way down the trail and the flow really began to happen.
I also worked on the mental skills too and worked hard on Claire’s protective mechanism when She feels exposed. We linked drops into corners before finally riding the whole trail end to end and with each run they both got faster and more fluid and remarked on how slow it felt as they were looking way further along the trail than ever before.

After a few runs the session ended as mental fatigue was beginning to show and I did a demo of the skills set I teach in use on the wooden constructions.
Great session.