March 22, 2010 Tony Doyle

Alex and friends.

We met in the car park as arranged and I gave my commitment to them as to the content of the day. We then moved through the skills health check and onto pumping and unweighting the front and rear of the bike.
I demonstrated how the unwieghting turns into a bunny hop and the boys took to it. Dave got it down!
We moved onto the drop technique and everyone got it dialled 1st go as Brian demonstrates.
We worked on the looking into the next section and here’s Alex cornering into the next.
Everyone showed great progress and stiched the trail together seamlessly . The drop section at the end was just another section. Nigel was having fun nailing it. Overall the day went brilliantly, the boys all showed new skills both mentally and physically. The day ended as usual when the fatigue was about to show.
Great day guys!

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  1. Alex Leigh

    Thanks Tony. Great day. Amazing how much you can learn in such a short time. Like you say the problem with common sense is it isn’t that common!

    Really enjoyed it, and the cornering thing has definitely changed my riding style for good.

    Thanks again.

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