Alex came to us at ukbikeskills after reading reviews online and when I met him, he said he was a wheels on the ground rider who used to ride spds but has gone to flats. Well the skills check showed me a decent rider was buried beneath a protection mechanism and that once again, I would just have to take away what was bogging him down. I made a set up change and focussed on body position and looking in all areas as well as fumbling footwork in corners. Now unweighting his bike suddenly became easier and we began with the techniques required out on trails, beginning with the bunny hop and later onto the drop technique  I installed the mental skills set too and Alex applied them to the first 1ft drop and then quickly moved through and off the 3ft drop. The smile on his face was a picture. Several perfect goes later saw us move to jumping, something Alex had never done but in a few small moves he was sailing the 6ft tabletop. Alex is recovering from a cold and was panting a bit as he was having multiple goes but after a short rest he moved to the 6ft gap jump and sailed that a good few times too!

We took a break and resumed with pumping and cornering and carrying speed through corners. Alex was now riding through a trail and linking three berms together and sailing into the air on the final jump. We moved to his bogey technique, riding steep terrain as he had previously had issues with his old weight right back technique but his new skills sets made everything simpler and therefore easier for him as he applied them to a near vertical drop off.

We then worked on linking drops into corners and line choice and braking areas. All began well and Alex was sailing through but as tiredness kicked in so did the unforced errors and a wash out saw us end the session before he really hurt himself.

Amazing improvements Alex and let me know how the riding improves from now.