Alex came to me last year for some skills coaching, and he returned this afternoon to further his skills. I began by doing a quick cornering exercise, followed by the drops, to see what skills he had retained since our last session in the techniques that we teach. He still had excellent cornering from our last session, but discovered that he was starting to sit back in jumping mainly. Once I moved him over to the tabletop, I started to work on this. I kept changing his approach speed to try and get him to put more effort into his takeoff, therefore needing less speed to get over it. I moved him up the hill onto the pump and jump trail, where I had him pumping and jumping some different sections, ending up clearing a 9ft table, and then linking in the three berms and a larger fade away tabletop at the end. We worked in steeps next, as we skipped this last time, and I showed him how correct body position can make rolling down drop offs very simple. I even showed him dropping In sideways, which is the easiest way physically of doing it. We went back to the tabletop, as he wanted to conquer, and after a couple of runs over the table side, he rode the gap, landing beautifully on the down slope. I then showed him a larger gap jump which required him to carry speed through two corners first. After a few run ups he rode this comfortably. We then looked at a dirt gap with a steeper take off, and he followed me to get a judgement of his speed. Our session ended with me showing him some north shore, the first he had ever ridden, and riding a section of ladder into a ladder drop.

Nice one Alex, stand up!

Nath (@ukbikenath)