Alex, Jon ,James and  Ali came to me from Bristol after Alex recommended me fro attending a public session. I found they needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning and I made some set up changes to assist this.
 We began with drops and they were amazed how easy it felt and I also showed why the mental and physical skills make it possible to style it too. From there we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and in a few small moves they were sailing over it and the gap too.
 We took a break after working on applying the skills to riding berms and on resuming we moved to another trail to work on riding steeper terrain, and linking jumps, pumping  and corners. They were blown away at how easy it all felt and how much more controlled too.
 Next we moved onto the pump and jump trail where we worked on pumping to generate speed and choosing whether to pump, jump or manual sections on a trail and link in 2 berms at the end also. I knew they were tiring but I didn’t want to end the session til the last possible moment so we moved onto riding over logs using the skills sets and they all rode a large stump easily and much to their surprise.
 For our final application of the skills, I demonstrated linking a 9ft step down gap jump that is sandwich between 2 berms together and only Alex could answer yes to his mental skills questions and rode it over and over until mentally he was cooked and our session ended.
 Amazing session guys.