Alex met as arranged in the car park at Woburn and we proceeded to the skills health check. Alex had no footwork and was looking down all the time during both exercises and that gave me the starting point for our day.
We worked on pumping and after a few set up tweaks and body position suggestions the technique got dialled so I moved onto the disconnected bunny hop. On leaving the pumping area Alex got further than he imagined he would and was now starting to operate using his new skills. We applied them to the drop technique next , then moved onto the coaching trail and began working on his cornering. Alex struggled to get his footwork correct at first but after a few mind tricks he was flying. We worked our way down the trail breaking it into three segments. We rode each segment before finally joining them all up and Alex’s trail energy management shone through.
We ended our day on a more technical trail and rode it top to bottom with more control and flow.
A great day.