Alex brought his wife Aimee a one to one session with me a few moths ago and Aimee returned the gift to Alex. Having 10years of riding experience and also being a bike ability cycle instructor it was clear Alex could ride a bike but had missing links in his skill set which I found during the skills check and began to work on immediately.
We worked on un weighting the front wheel and pumping which Alex got to grips with very quickly indeed and then onto the dis connected bunny hop technique. After a few timing corrections, both pushes resulted in a perfect dis connected bunny hop. From there I moved onto the drop technique and how to land etc..things were really progressing nicely.
It then became time to move onto a trail and work on cornering and linking the sections on the trail together.

gradually we worked on foot positioning, looking and then added other ingredients to the mix which enabled Alex to cut 3 seconds off of his run time for the 6 sections in the video.
We worked our way down to the end sections on the trail and the drops it contained and here, once again I demonstrated how and why before Alex rode them. The efforts of the day both physically and mentally took their toll and Alex called time on the session with smiles all round.
A truly great session!