Alex has been coached by myself three years ago and returned today as a silly crash last year really affected him.


He said he was struggling to link turns together and I soon showed him why and began correcting that. We began with cornering through a single berm and then added another two. Alex could now feel he was weaker in his right turns and that gave him something to focus on. Later we were linking four mixed corners on a singletrack too.

We worked on steeper terrain and various was of dealing with steep drop offs, this would also help his first steps in bmx.

Drops and jumping was next and the all important mental skills associated with doing such things . Alex was soon riding them with ease and even a subtle tweak in the air too, but it was the gap jump that affected him most and as I do mountain bike coachingĀ andĀ not gambling, Alex was able to know why he wasn’t able to do the larger gaps present.

Onto another trail and linking steep drop offs into a corner and then onto a jump that hipped into the trail slightly. Alex was able to move the bike in the air and line up sweetly on the trail for the sections that followed.

We ended our session after working on pumping upslopes and down slopes as well as choosing when and why to jump.

Awesome session dude


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