Due to a cock up with dates on my blackberry I had to delay their morning session to the afternoon but we got underway as arranged later. I began with the skills check and I found looking, footwork and body position faults and I made some necessary set up changes.
Alison wanted to get comfortable actually getting her wheels off the ground and has been trying for ages. Once I corrected their missing skills, this came easier than she’d ever thought.
I moved onto the drop sections and began working on Richards body position and this enable me to start teaching him to style in the air whilst Alison’s looking and body position meant she gor airborne and the look on her face said it all. After a while I moved us onto the skills trail and I worked on pumping and linking sections of the trail together using the identified braking areas. Flat, bermed and switchback turns were linked with a rock garden and they used their looking and body position to great use. After a while I moved onto the fly out jump and both got up in the air using the same skills as before and linked that into a corner with a step on the exit.
I worked on linking drops into corners before they both began riding the whole trail. Richard was flying by now and was 4 seconds faster over a 70m timed segment than he was earlier. Alison’s confidence was blooming as she rode off the drop on the trail and linked it to the berm, something she’d not done before today. As it got darker our session ended. I gave a riding demonstration as always and they could see the same skills in use in my riding as I had taught them. I’m already looking forward to our next coaching session guys!