Alison has previously attended 2 group coaching sessions along with her friends at and now wanted to bring her riding on more on a personal level.
It was great to see that Alison had worked on her skill set and now we were going to work on body positioning in corners as well as flow and then onto style in the air and the mental side of the skill set for bigger jumps.

I worked hard on linking the drop technique to berms. I worked on line choice and braking areas and soon Alison really began to ride faster and smoother.
By the time we’d worked our way down the skills trail and all of its 14 sections , Alison was really shifting fast. I timed a 60 meter section and worked on the sections within and she took 4 seconds off by flowing through rather than trying to be fast.
I then moved onto the tabletop and once again worked on moving the bike in the air to make it begin to look stylish and in no time at all she was flying across it, followed by the gap side too.

To finish off our session we moved to a 9ft gap jump with a 3ft step down take off and here Alison used her mental skill set to great effect and sailed over it time and time again before our session came to a close with a riding demonstration from myself and a cold beer!
Awesome riding Alison!!