Nick, Neil, Martin, Keith, Jamie and Ben have been coached by myself previously and wanted to return to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the yearly alpine trip they do.
 I began with cornering and then onto basic drops up to 3ft and then onto the 6ft tabletop and gap. They warmed up nicely and we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on their fluidity when faced with multiple sections on the trail. We took a break and resumed with steeper sections and riding alpine style switchbacks. Things were moving on nicely as they were amazed at how easy dropping into near vert terrain felt and was. A larger drop was next and they used their mental skills to decide to do it or not and a few goes saw them happy with the outcome.
 Next we moved to the trail that ends in the vertical drop off and work on style in the air and moving the bike to flow along the trail easier.
Things were now progressing and we moved to the pump and jump trail and linked the 7ft ladder gap into the line and they all rode that a few times before we moved to our final section, A 9ft gap jump. Keith was too tired to continue by now but the rest all rode it a few times and even linked it to the sections we’d rode earlier.
Amazing progress and what a pleasure you are to coach guys.