on meeting Darren and Amanda We spoke about their aspirations for the day and what areas they felt needed work.
During the skills check, I discovered what skills in relation to the skills set were missing but as importantly, what was already there!
First up was the drop technique. I took their natural push that they had already and showed them how to use it in the context of the drop technique and almost immediately they were airborne. I worked on their mental skill set also here as we gradually progressed onto the larger drop sections.
I then moved onto the skills trail itself where I broke the trail into four segments and worked on each segment before moving along and join the next segment to the previous one. We worked on cornering in many guises, felt grip in different surfaces, rock gardens, jumps and drops.
finally we rode the trail a few times end to end and the flow became apparent as both linked the sections contained in the trail together.
My final task for the day was to teach them to jump table tops and maybe even the gap side of it.
Here they used their push in another context and gradually worked our way over the table top until both were clearing it with whoops of joy. Darren moved over to the gap side and sailed over easily too. Our session ended right there with smiles all round.