Andrew is in his mid fifties and has been riding mountain bikes for years in some awesome places but felt his riding had plateaued as he never understood why it ever felt  good or bad when riding and it was kind of just luck. His reason for getting some mountain bike coaching was to work out his cornering and fluidity on trails, especially his braking.

The skills check revealed partial good footwork and that Andrew needed work on looking and body positioning too before I could work on his mental skills. I adjusted his set up and showed him why before we went off to apply his new skills sets to techniques out on the trails.

The drop technique was first and he was amazed at not only how easy it felt but also how simple it was too. The biggest drop of 3ft proved no problem for him once corrected.

I moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop, something he’d never done before and we spent quiet some time on the physical skills and then the mental skills before he was sailing over the jump.

We took a break as the heat of the sun beat down. We resumed with pumping and cornering on singletrack and linking four sections via identified line choices and braking areas. Andrew was visibly faster but felt control and grip. We moved to pumping and jumping sections of a trail and linking three berms together, accelerating through them rather than slowing down.

We moved to linking drops into corners but after a couple of goes, mental fatigue had hit home and Andrew called an end to the session.



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