Andy and Mick came to us at ukbikeskills for mountain bike coaching via recommendation. They are going to the Alps for the first time this year and wanted to get some jedi skills.

The setup and skills check was first and I identified the areas that needed work physically before even working on the mental skills.

We began with the technique we at ukbikeskills teach for drops and soon they were landing perfectly and already feeling different about their riding. The 6ft tabletop was next and again, in a few short steps were clearing the jump with ease. I worked on the mental skills and then they applied them to decide to ride the 6ft gap jump with big grins all around.

The steep terrain and near vertical drop off were next and this really stunned them as they easily rode them in a variety of techniques that I teach.

We worked on  cornering and carrying speed through berms. Their new body positioning was having a massive effect on not only grip but also confidence.

I demonstrated 7ft and 9ft gap jumps to them and they followed suit. Andy washed out on the run into the final corner and that affected him for a while but before long him and Mick were pumping, jumping and cornering like never before.

Great session guys.




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