Andrew and Paul came to me for mountain bike coaching after reading feedback on various forums and today was their day.

I asked them what they wanted from the session and getting to grips with gap jumps was top of their list and maybe some other stuff, so their wish was in my hands.

I corrected their physical skills sets first before working on their mental skills in various situations on trails. The technique for drops blew them away and they were easily riding the 3ft drop we began with before moving on to jumping. I used the 6ft tabletop first and they soon cleared it easily and that left the gap jump side. It blew their minds how simple the gap jump felt and the tone for the session was set.

We worked on steep terrain and various ways of riding a near vertical drop off. We worked hard on cornering and carrying speed through linked berms as well as through a trail. Drops into corners were ridden once braking areas and line choice was nailed down. I demonstrated everything first and then they chose what and  when to ride by applying their mental skills.

They linked 7ft and 9ft gap jumps to multiple corners and even added in a ladder drop into the line. I knew they were getting tired as small errors were crepting in but the session didn’t end until we’d moved to another trail and linked a couple of gap jumps in a line. Amazing progression guys.





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