Andy and the guys explained that they are always back markers on their group rides and never really keep up in singletrack. On putting them through the skills check I could see why and set about correcting this. We then went on to putting the correct skill set into the techniques required in riding singletrack.
We worked on drops, corners ( flat, bermed, switchback and off camber), rock gardens, steps, upslopes and linked drops into corners.
All three of them had concerns about rocks and we over came that very easily indeed. drops sailed by and I worked heavily on their footwork and looking in corners as well as body positioning. Each section on the trail was linked to the next by the identified braking zones and soon the flow became evident in their riding. I timed segments of the trail to demonstrate teh value of their new skill set as they all improved by 10-15% time wise!!!
We then ride the trail a few times to replicate trail riding conditions and they all rode fast and relaxed.
Our session ended as mental tiredness crept in. This ended a great day.
high5 guys!