Andy, Kyle, Stu and Bernie made the trip up from  from Folkestone and on meeting, I ran them through my skills check. Andy had previously had a one to one session with me but wanted to share a session with his riding buddies after raving about the session to them. I found I needed to work on their mental skills and their looking and body positioning in all areas.
 We began with the drop technique and their new riding position and set up made a real difference as they landed perfectly time and again on all 3 drops.
 We moved onto the skills trail were I worked hard on their cornering as well as straight on stuff. Pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops were all linked to flat, off camber , switchback and bermed corners. I worked on the trail in bite sized chunks before after an hour or so, linking the entire trail together by the identified braking areas.

After a break, I worked hard on  braking technique and line choice when linking drops into corners and every complete run of the skills trail was faster and smoother than  before and they were riding with brimming confidence.
 I could see they were beginning to tire but I wanted to work on their body positioning when riding steep stuff too and we moved to the quarry for this. I demonstrated as always riding in straight down a steep drop off and also dropping in sideways too and soon they followed suit. Kyle even used his drop technique to get airtime from it too! Our session ended there with a riding demonstration of the same skill set in use in my own riding and a tour of the herts skills area.
High5 guys!