Andy came to me all the way from Grimsby and camped overnight at Herts to be fresh for his session.

After a coffee, we began with the skills check and it revealed that Andy needed work on footwork, looking and body position in corners and also had a missing skill when un weighting.

I corrected his set up and we set to work.

As always, we began with the drop technique and why the physical and mental skills apply.

In no time at all Andy was landing perfectly.

We moved onto the trail. there we worked on pumping to use the trails energy and linked it to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. Rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops.

We worked on each section before linking it to the previous one using the identified braking areas.

I worked hard on the fly out so that Andy could apply his natural push and get used to the air time it produced.

I also worked hard on linking drops into berms. I worked on line choice and the ease of carry speed through the sections as a result.

Finally, Andy rode the entire trail end to end far more smoothly than before and with control.

Each run was faster than the previous too.

Finally we worked on applying the skill set to jumping tabletops.

In no time at all, Andy sailed over the 6ft jump easily and effortlessly. A big laugh rang out mid air and a smile beamed across his face.

After a few more runs, the session came to a natural end.

Great session Andy!